open_water_april2012 _4000_x_3000The month is coming to a close soon. Three months ago, I said, “I still have time… my Instructor development course doesn’t start until June.” It’s almost June. It’s crazy to think that only 6 months ago I finished my dive master course. And now, I’m going to become an instructor. I never thought in a million years, that I’d even be a dive master, let alone a diver! I started my Open water in April 2012, right here in Continue reading


greenpeace_protest_960_x_717I’ve recently discovered that Krabi will have another coal-fired power plant built in Nuea Khlong sub district, which is located in the same site of the current power plant. The coal will be transported through Hin Daeng – Hin Mueng dive sites off the coast of Koh Lanta to dock at Krabi power plant’s pier. I’ve personally never been to these dive sites, but I’ve heard they are absolutely amazing! And this power plant will have severe impacts Continue reading


viking_cave_lionfish_4000_x_3000Lately on my dives, I have seen countless numbers of lionfish. Lionfish also known as Pterois, are very venomous. They release nitric oxide which effects the contractions of the heart muscles and can be especially dangerous to divers. Their venomous sting can cause respiratory distress and even paralysis in some cases. They have a very distinctive maroon colour with white stripes and unique tentacles full of poison. Continue reading


PICT06915Yesterday night at TJ’s sports bar and grill, Elizabeth Ward-Sing and Brendon Sing organized a very moving presentation about sharks and their critical role in the marine ecosystem. Shark guardian is a UK based charity created by Elizabeth and Brendon to help raise awareness of the shark fishing industry through education. Continue reading


IMG_20140704_085419Koh Yawasam is a very popular dive site of the local islands here in Ao Nang and also my personal favourite. On a good day, the visibility can be incredible. On every dive I like to make my way to the north side of the island where I can find the ornate ghost pipefish and the common sea-horse, also known as the Hippocampus Kuda. Continue reading