IMG_4420It has always been a dream of mine to come here to Australia – and here I am! Stepping off the plane, it felt somewhat surreal. Being here has been really challenging as I’ve never been away from Thailand before but it has been a breath of fresh air. A few bumps along the road of getting here but looking back now those hurdles seem like dust in the wind. It really makes you take a step back and realize how truly amazing Continue reading


IMG_20140722_110414When you live in such a beautiful place like Krabi, your perception of time becomes warped. The days just fly by, it really does. Ever since I came down to this charming small town of Ao Nang, I felt at home, like I belonged somewhere. This gem of south Thailand truly welcomes you with open arms and will make you feel like you never want to leave. It is surrounded by lush trees and amazing landscape. When the sun makes its way over the mountain to greet you in the morning, Continue reading


In honor of ThaiP10204232land’s Father’s Day, I would like to dedicate this post to my beloved Dad. Although usually celebrated in June, Thailand celebrates their Father’s Day on the Kings birthday. And like my Father, I am a bit stubborn so I’d rather not wait another 6 months to tell you all about what an amazing person my hero is. My Father has a very profound impact on my life. Truth is, I have a really hard time Continue reading


Camera 360On one of the dive sites here at Phi Phi Ley, Thailand, we have a unique cave dwelling bird called the swiftlet. They live inside the caves by the dive site called viking cave and have been used for many years for their birds nest in a Chinese delicacy of birds nest soup. The swiftlet is a small bird, belonging to the swift family. They have very narrow wings for fast flight and what distinguishes them from other species is their ability to effectively use Continue reading


P11203751Do you want to know a secret? Every now and then, I am afraid of the ocean. Sometimes it frightens me. With its big waves and deep unknown blue, who knows what you might find down there. I go diving almost every single day and sometimes I STILL get the chills. But it also thrills me. It’s like a rush I get whenever my fins touch the water every day. I swim off into the deep and sometimes I become afraid Continue reading


20140924_110936_LLS1Sharks are extremely crucial to the marine ecosystem. Overfishing has driven many shark species to the brink of extinction. The Project AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Distinctive Specialty Course teaches students the significance of sharks in our marine ecosystem as well as the events that led to the global decline of shark populations. I love this course, especially because non-divers can engage in the program as well and receive an AWARE Shark Participation certificate. Continue reading


IMG_083611I thought I was pretty fit before I went on this hike up the 1,237 steps of Tiger Cave Temple. Tiger cave Temple is one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in Krabi province and is also known for its strenuous flight of stairs to the top. It is located amongst the beautiful scenery of mountain cliffs and forest. When my boyfriend and I arrived there early yesterday morning, the sun was out shining bright and it was extremely hot. Because Continue reading


IMG_89501A couple of days ago, I participated in the annual beach cleanup right here in Ao Nang as part of Project AWARE’s international cleanup day. Altogether, volunteers have collected in total about 200 kilograms of debris. Ao Nang beach is a little over 1 kilometer long. I myself had only walked about 300 meters in one hour and collected up to 1 kilogram of rubbish, most of which consisted of Continue reading


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