IMG_5682Have you ever had a dream, an ambition or desire that you’ve wanted to fulfill for as long as you can remember? I did. My dream was to swim with sea lions and today, I can now write about how that dream came to be true. I’ve recently taken a trip out to the Abrolhos Islands on a liveaboard and had the incredible opportunity to play, snorkel and dive with the Continue reading


Being able to swim with sea lions and capture this moment on film is the most amazing feeling in the world. I’ve never been more excited to share this feeling with everyone and prove that when you chase your dreams, they’ll chase you back and blow bubbles in your face.


IMG_5842I’ve spent the last few days on a liveaboard in the Abrolhos Islands, located 80 kilometers west of Geraldton, Western Australia. I was teaching an Open Water Course along with another Instructor to girls from the Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Perth. It’s been a great while since I’ve been out on the boat and have almost forgotten how welcoming it was. We had left early in the morning before sunrise and sailed Continue reading


20150718_090426I am so happy to be able to be in the water today, more than usually anyways, for PADI’s International Woman’s Dive Day with two beautiful ladies on their Open Water Course. In April of 2012, I decided to take a step to becoming a Scuba Diver. Since then, I’ve adopted a new Identity; marine conservationist. I was always an activist of sorts and an animal lover, but diving allowed me to push my passion towards something concrete. I’ve Continue reading


Scan-2-copy-e1421492850203A while ago I was walking around in South Bank, Melbourne and came across some artwork that really blew me away. The first drawing that stood out to me, one that I purchased, was a drawing of a whale. As you look closer, there are fish, sharks, crabs and an abundance of marine life composed into one big gentle creature. I fell in love with the piece because of what it represented to me. We share a similar understanding and appreciation for the ocean and its fragile ecosystem and so I sat down with Martin to discuss more about his art piece. In 2013, Martin started Continue reading


IMG_20150209_235525Back in January I took a trip up to Noosa to visit some family friends and it was absolutely amazing! I arrived late in the evening and went down to the marina the next day to check out some fun water sport activities I could do. As I’ve never done stand up paddle boarding before, I thought I’d give it a try while I was there. Balancing myself on the board was quite strange and challenging in the beginning but I gave it a go and got the hang of it very quickly. After that I spent the next hour paddling around the marina Continue reading


IMG_20150112_043146A year ago today, I finished my Instructors Examination in Phuket, Thailand. This was one of the most proudest achievements in my life. During my Instructors Development Course, I was taught so much. I was very lucky and had a good Course Director who guided me through with such patience to make sure I became the best Instructor I could possibly be. A year later, I am still teaching PADI courses and have learned so much about myself. I remember the reason I became an Instructor and why Continue reading


IMG_4420It has always been a dream of mine to come here to Australia – and here I am! Stepping off the plane, it felt somewhat surreal. Being here has been really challenging as I’ve never been away from Thailand before but it has been a breath of fresh air. A few bumps along the road of getting here but looking back now those hurdles seem like dust in the wind. It really makes you take a step back and realize how truly amazing Continue reading


IMG_20140722_110414When you live in such a beautiful place like Krabi, your perception of time becomes warped. The days just fly by, it really does. Ever since I came down to this charming small town of Ao Nang, I felt at home, like I belonged somewhere. This gem of south Thailand truly welcomes you with open arms and will make you feel like you never want to leave. It is surrounded by lush trees and amazing landscape. When the sun makes its way over the mountain to greet you in the morning, Continue reading