Western Australia: known for its’ vast expanse of the outback and bounded by the Indian Ocean beguiled my curiosity as soon as I flew over the coasts of Geraldton for the first time 4 years ago. While I dub myself as an Ocean dweller, exploring the land above allows me to reconnect with the planet. Sometimes being underwater gives you an estranged experience and consumed by diving it was a nice break for me to sit back and seek adventure on land for a while.

Arriving back in Geraldton this time around was a little disparate from the other times I’ve been here. There could be a possibility that being with Stuart made all the difference. As soon as we arrived, we had already planned our feat. Quite possibly my preferred on land activity: four wheeled driving through the sand dunes. It’s sheer vastness and compelling size overwhelms me, especially as we drive above overlooking beyond the bounds. No words could possibly provide this experience justice. As I was leaving Australia previously, having no idea of when I’d be back next, we shared a sunrise on the dunes. Being back here in Geraldton together now, we had the freedom to witness countless more on top of the dunes overlooking the oceans to which we both now call home.

Each day here it seems I grow increasingly in love with this small coastal town. Life can often get busy. The constant day to day routine we have however it can also be about what we do to break out of them so that we continually have a firm grasp of reality and not lose track of the life that quickly disappears before our eyes when we don’t pay close enough attention. And nothing excites me more than the thrill of exploring the extensive country side, getting lost in these moments and delving into the wilderness that is Western Australia.

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