Hello 2017! With heaps going on, I can’t even begin to think of where to start about what has been happening. However  – here I am, back to where I had my first ever experience underwater that has led me to the beginning of my diving career. When I first started diving I opted a new identity:

marine conservationist. Deciding to become a self-taught blogger, it ignited a dawn to a journey to pursue and create awareness towards all walks of life. As written in my previous posts, I live a dream. My job is not just a job to me. On a typical day I will be out on the water guiding certified divers into the far extending reaches of the abundant reefs Thailand has to offer. Other days, I’ll be in the swimming pool teaching a course. Today I’d like to show you where I work.

My days start out relatively early, down by the beach loading all the gear, tanks and food that we might need for the day and head off en route to the Islands. On this particular day we spent our time out on the Phi Phi Island dive sites just 2 hours from where we started. All the equipment and dive gear gets arranged and organized by myself, students, volunteers or guests. You see… a day in the life of a dive instructor is never the same; as the tides and current changes, so does the job, never inert, ever-so-moving. This is probably why I love it so much. Nothing can ever compare to the first breath you ever take underwater, the first moment you lock eyes with a fish and tell its story. Compared to most other instructors, I haven’t spent a lot of hours under water but my conclusion has always been that diving awakens your core. I chose to chase this profound idea of mine that I can somehow make a difference, starting with the ocean and here I am years later still writing about it.

I am starting off my first post of 2017 a bit differently. This year, I’ve opted a few new identities: vegan, wife, adventurer and more to come.

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