IMG_513511I live a dream. What I do as a scuba diving instructor is more than just a job to me, it is my lifestyle. My life is teaching others how to become a diver, showing them that they can breathe underwater and introducing them to a whole new world. Diving has whole-heartedly transformed my life. The instant your head is submerged, you’ve infiltrated a unique environment filled with unimaginable wildlife. In that moment, I chose to pursue a profession in diving. I didn’t care what I had to do to get there, but I knew I would and now here I am still intoxicated by the aquatic habitat.

As an Instructor, I try to understand how my students are feeling: anxious, fearful, enthusiastic, happy or all of the above. I was definitely perplexed at the beauty that existed by my doorstep. Nothing can compare to the first breaths you take underwater, enveloped by a wall of fish and coral. Today, I get to instruct, refine skills and certify people who adopt the idea that diving can provide them with a sense of content. To me, diving awakens your core; reposes you and sedates your mind.

Everybody has a story. Everyone has sacrificed something to get to where they are today. Every journey has potholes and speed bumps, roadblocks and curves. It’s what you choose to make of those obstacles that introduce themselves unexpectedly into your life and how you opt to overcome them. The anxiety of an obscured path will always be there. Diving however has inspired me to conquer timidity and morphed me into the person I am today. Presently I am living the life I once thought unachievable. Diving has led me to conclude that any dream, no matter how outlandish is attainable.

Being a scuba diving instructor is not my job, it’s my life.

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