IMG_5682Have you ever had a dream, an ambition or desire that you’ve wanted to fulfill for as long as you can remember? I did. My dream was to swim with sea lions and today, I can now write about how that dream came to be true. I’ve recently taken a trip out to the Abrolhos Islands on a liveaboard and had the incredible opportunity to play, snorkel and dive with the dogs of the sea. On my first evening out at the Abrolhos, two sea lions had come up to the stern of the boat and started playing with everyone. Without hesitation, I quickly grabbed my mask and dove in and for the first time in my life, I swam with a sea lion. One of the two sea lions were very timid, but the other swam circles around me, blowing bubbles in my face, energetically moving about everywhere. I lost track of time playing with them, I could have easily been in the water for over an hour. Every single evening there, the sea lions would come up to play and I continued to leap into the water with them. I was completely drenched in content, captivated by its agile movements in the water and the beauty I saw looking into his eyes made me shed tears of happiness. For so long, I’ve imagined this moment and never have I thought it would exceed all and any expectations I had.

Getting to swim and play with sea lions takes me back to my very first moments underwater and how it brought me to this exact point in time today. It was only a couple of years ago that I was putting on my scuba equipment for the first time. Today, I’ve taken it on and off more than a hundred times and each time was different in its’ own way. Every breath underwater is unique.

Don’t ever rush your journey to get to your destination… getting there, that’s the fun part. If you have ever had a dream to swim with sea lions, I’m telling you now it’s achievable. No matter how big or impossible you think your dreams are, the only limitations and barricades are the ones you build yourself. I spent every moment I could in the water with them because I knew that I had to take every chance I got while I was there. I can look back now and say I’ve lived my dream of swimming with sea lions.

So… what’s your dream?

4 thoughts on “CHASE YOUR DREAMS

  1. It was incredible watching YOU too Sigourney, achieving your dream and eventually wearing out the sea lions trying to keep up with your diving and tumbling! Fabulous pic too!
    Howard Gray.

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