IMG_5842I’ve spent the last few days on a liveaboard in the Abrolhos islands, located 80 kilometers west of Geraldton, Western Australia. I was teaching an open water course along with another instructor to girls from the Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Perth. It’s been a great while since I’ve been out on the boat and have almost forgotten how welcoming it was. We had left early in the morning before sunrise and sailed off into rough seas, waves spraying over us. It was an inviting sensation I’ve missed terribly.

The Abrolhos is made up of three islands groups: the Wallabi group, Easter group and Pelsaert group. I was not only fortunate enough to be able to visit all three Islands but I also had the opportunity to dive on all of them. The islands are infamously known for the 1629 ship wreck of the Dutch ship Batavia as well as the events that followed including the massacre and terrorism by the group of men who survived. While on the boat, I met research scientist and writer Howard Grey who has given me a signed copy of his book “Lucretia’s Batavia Diary”. Howard writes a fictional account of the events of the ship wreck with the true facts and sequences unchanged. I’ve started reading this book last night and have not been able to put it down since. I easily recommend this book to anyone.

While at the Islands, I’ve encountered seals, humpback whales in the distance, dolphins swimming by the bow of the boat and much more I can’t possibly put into words. The visibility itself at the islands are anywhere between 20 and 30 meters! I could see clearly to the bottom of the dive sites. Diving inside sanctuary zones, the fish are impeccably eager to interact and play with the divers. From the moment I jumped into the water, I am struggling to keep my regulator in my mouth from smiling too much. My cheeks hurt from the constant grin I had on my face. The opportunity that I’ve been given to visit and dive these islands are invaluable to me. The people I’ve met and students I’ve certified have become a big part in my journey and a sizable chapter in my life that I’ll continually grasp close by my heart.

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