IMG_20150112_043146A year ago today, I finished my instructors examination in Phuket, Thailand. This was one of the most proudest achievements in my life. During my instructors development course, I was taught so much. I was very lucky and had a good course director who guided me through with such patience to make sure I became the best instructor I could possibly be. A year later, I am still teaching PADI courses and have learned so much about myself. I remember the reason I became an Instructor and why I love it so much. Today, I get to certify my students and show them my underwater office and hope that they can fall in love with it as I did. My life completely changed the minute I took my first breath underwater because I was finally able to see my dreams and what I want to accomplish in this life.

Last year, I met some amazing people during my instructors examination and I am still in contact with them. I know I will be for a very long time. I follow them on their journey in life as they continue to change the world doing what they love. I know when I’m writing this post next year, I’ll still be writing about how much I love diving and how it completely transformed my life.

I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me get to this point :)

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