IMG_20140722_110414When you live in such a beautiful place like Krabi, your perception of time becomes warped. The days just fly by, it really does. Ever since I came down to this charming small town of Ao Nang, I felt at home, like I belonged somewhere. This gem of south Thailand truly welcomes you with open arms and will make you feel like you never want to leave. It is surrounded by lush trees and amazing landscape. When the sun makes its way over the mountain to greet you in the morning, the stunning cliffs shine like polished diamonds. My love for this town has only increased day by day.

When I first came here to Ao Nang, I started out as a divemaster trainee at Scuba Addicts dive center, I felt somewhat scared, and a little bit lost. But it didn’t take long for all the amazing people to welcome me with open arms and make me feel like I had a place here. I made some incredible friends who have become family that I will cherish forever. My journey here in Ao nang however is over. I am deeply saddened to leave this beautiful place but will undoubtedly return in the future. A new adventure waits for me in Melbourne, Australia and I am very excited for what lies ahead.

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