In honor of ThaiP10204232land’s Father’s Day, I would like to dedicate this post to my beloved Dad. Although usually celebrated in June, Thailand celebrates their Father’s Day on the Kings birthday. And like my Father, I am a bit stubborn so I’d rather not wait another 6 months to tell you all about what an amazing person my hero is. My Father has a very profound impact on my life. Truth is, I have a really hard time describing just how important of a person he is to me. Because he is not just a Father, he is without a doubt, exceptional.

It took me almost 18 years to truly realize what an incredible influence my Father has had on my life. There’s nothing quite like a Father-Daughter relationship. I cannot help but smile every time I recount memories that we’ve shared together. From as far back as I can remember, I told my Father that I wanted to work with animals and nature. From then on, he has done nothing but continually stood by my side through all the challenges and joyous moments, surrendering his dreams to fulfill mine. I know it can’t be easy being a parent, but my Father has exceeded any and all expectations for he is the true definition of what a Father is.

In April of 2012, my Father sent me down to Krabi, south of Thailand to do my first PADI open water scuba course. I can’t even begin to describe how furious I was at him for sending me to the ocean, you know… where there were sharks! Little did I know that, the minute my head was immersed in the water, it would ultimately transformed my whole life. Soon after my first course, I quickly persevered onto becoming an advanced open water diver. Not long after that, my Father sent me back down to Krabi again, but this time to pursue my dream of becoming a PADI professional divemaster. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing but have never in my wildest imagination, thought of creating a blog of some sort. But today, diving and blogging about what I love most has become my constant, all because of one amazing man supporting me and guiding me.

Growing up, admittedly, I was not the best daughter in the world. I didn’t even try. I would always be angry by all the things my Father made me do. Looking back, I’ve become aware of how immature I was. For me being able to speak french to my customers, I have him to thank for that. Countless hours of teaching me verbs and vocabulary, consequently also making my french lessons in school a breeze. Did I mention my Father is a wizard at languages? Incroyable!

Over all, for this Thai Father’s Day, I want to honor my Father and all that he has done for me. Recalling all the hardships that I’ve gone through in my life is nothing compared to what Fathers do for their children, what my Father has done for me. I will be forever grateful for the continued support and love that I have received from my Father. I’ll love you always.

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