P11203751Do you want to know a secret? Every now and then, I am afraid of the ocean. Sometimes it frightens me. With its big waves and deep unknown blue, who knows what you might find down there. I go diving almost every single day and sometimes I STILL get the chills. But it also thrills me. It’s like a rush I get whenever my fins touch the water every day. I swim off into the deep and sometimes I become afraid of what might come around the corner. But I continue anyways, and I’m never disappointed.

I love the ocean and all that it offers me. Peace, serenity, calmness. I love how quiet it is. When you are only left with your thoughts and sometimes your mind starts to wonder into something scary. I always hope to see a shark during my dives, and when I do, I become ecstatic! I go crazy and smile so much, the regulator slips out of my mouth, and then I have this poisonous grin on my face all day long. Despite, what everyone thinks, Sharks bring the peace that exists in the oceans. They bring out this feeling from inside of you, a feeling of harmony. Look into its eyes and take a trip into the past. See all that it has seen and understand that in that moment, you’ve caught a glimpse of life. No matter how bad your day is, the moment you see this agile beautiful being, you lose sense of time and for a short moment, you almost forget that something so gorgeous, can be hunted to the brink of extinction.

The ocean offers such an amazing experience to all that visit it. Everyone has a different story and a different experience to share with the world about the sea. It’s encrusted with giant coral reefs that cover more than 2,000 square kilometers, filled with the weirdest of creatures. It’s a scarily beautiful place, but guess what? I LOVE that I’m afraid of it! I crave the euphoric state I get when I crawl into the water. That’s my secret. What’s yours?

3 thoughts on “MY SECRET

  1. Very well put Sigourney, Love reading your blog so far! especially this section makes me want to jump back in the water.

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