IMG_083611I thought I was pretty fit before I went on this hike up the 1,237 steps of Tiger Cave Temple. Tiger cave Temple is one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in Krabi province and is also known for its strenuous flight of stairs to the top. It is located amongst the beautiful scenery of mountain cliffs and forest. When my boyfriend and I arrived there early yesterday morning, the sun was out shining bright and it was extremely hot. Because it was raining for the last couple of days, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the sun while it was still present.

Before you start heading up, you are greeted by a pack of adorable monkeys that are sipping on orange fanta and enjoying a bag of crisps provided by the tourists. I really wanted to take one home with me, but best idea was not to. After only about 300 steps, I was exhausted. These were not normal steps. These steps were so incredibly steep it was like climbing a ladder! I’d say it took us about one hour to get to the top because I was constantly stopping to catch my breath. Halfway up, at 600 steps, the rain starts pouring in. The combination of wind and rain was in fact really welcoming as we were both sweating a great deal. Once we got to the top we were waiting for the rain to subside before heading up to the summit. The view was insane!


I was so excited about the view and I pulled out my camera and started taking millions of photographs. In the horizon, the clouds were gently falling out from the mountain sides. As I was taking in the landscape, from the corner of my eye, I noticed my boyfriend on his knees. My heart was pounding harder than it was going up those steps and tears started rushing down my face. He had a ring in his hand and started to utter four little words; “will you marry me?”

Of course, I said yes and it turned out to be the most incredible day of my life. The hike down was definitely a lot easier than going up and took less than half the time. The rain was still quietly drizzling down, but it didn’t matter, everything was perfect. If you’d like to test your physical strength, pay a visit to this charming attraction. Assuming that you make it to the top, I hope you enjoy the view as much as I did!

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