IMG_20140613_160649It’s been almost two months since I’ve last been in the water; nevertheless today’s dive was pretty delightful. Although the local dive sites do not have a good reputation for its’ visibility, it was not the case today. I’m actually very excited about this post because not only has it been a considerably long time since I’ve been diving, but it’s also been a while since I’ve last seen a shark. While swimming at around 5-7 meters, under a small rock, I spotted a short gray tail. I was actually quite confused and didn’t really know what to make of it. And then it just hit me all of a sudden. Shark! Shark! I was ecstatic, I could not contain myself. I went over to tap my buddy on the shoulder and told him there was a shark and then we were both trying to locate its head. It was a bamboo shark, about a meter long and had these miniscule white beady eyes that were staring back at me, probably as surprised as I was.

All my adrenaline and excitement I get from seeing a shark just comes back to me. Every day of diving, I am blessed to meet amazing creatures underwater who welcome me into their home and show me their enticing way of life. I cannot wait to see what the next couple of weeks bring.

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