IMG_3765Viking cave is a popular dive site at phi phi island and is often visited by many dive companies throughout the day. Its’ most known feature is the artificial reef, also known as the pyramids, which lie on a sandy bottom at 18 meters. The structures are made of concrete each weighing about 1000 kilos. It is wrapped by corals and sponges and shells.

The reef homes several fish, including the clown fish with sea anemones on the reef itself. It also inhabits the long finned bat fish, porcupine fish, scorpion fish and countless more. Artificial reefs are used to create fish habitats and help suffering ecosystems to recover and also provide homes for creatures that have lost their habitat due to pollution and development. In some cases, reefs are placed in an area to decrease the amount of fishing that occurs there. Recycled, non-toxic materials are most commonly used as artificial reefs.

I personally enjoy the artificial reef here at phi phi, mainly because it takes away pressure from natural reefs. It is a beautiful sight to behold underwater as giant schools of fish make their way through the structures. Diving at an artificial reef makes you feel awakened, as if you are in another world. The experience is definitely intriguing and provides you with a difference visual sense underwater!


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