Hello 2017! With heaps going on, I can’t even begin to think of where to start about what has been happening. However  – here I am; back to where I had my first ever experience underwater that has led me to the beginning of my diving career. When I first started diving I opted a new identity;

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IMG_6181Moving from Melbourne to Geraldton only a few months ago was a new and challenging experience for me. Arriving from the big city where I spent the past half year was a massive change. Geraldton is a very small town around 400 clicks north of Perth, most people have probably never even heard of it, which is a pity. Peaceful, scarily quiet at times, tidy in a straightforward way and beautifully directly on the Continue reading

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IMG_6000Reading more and more about shark attacks that have recently been transpiring and having worked in a small town where they are very particular about seeing sharks, I read up a little bit more about shark shields and why I have come to believe they are not such a bad idea. Shark shields are a simple technology that uses electrical wave forms to repel sharks. Before moving to Geraldton, I have never even heard of a shark shield, obviously because I had no reason to fear sharks Continue reading

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IMG_513511I live a dream. What I do as a Scuba Diving Instructor is more than just a job to me, it is my lifestyle. My life is teaching others how to become a diver, showing them that they can breathe underwater and introducing them to a whole new world. Diving has whole-heartedly transformed my life. The instant your head is submerged, you’ve infiltrated a unique environment filled with unimaginable wildlife. In that moment, I chose to pursue Continue reading

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20150722_171812I’ve never liked night diving. It wasn’t even that I was afraid of it, I just chose to completely ignore any comments or remarks anyone had about night diving. I had made up my mind about it and it was never for me. However, recently I went out for a night dive and to my surprise; it was not all as bad as I had imagined it would be. As an Instructor, Continue reading

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IMG_5682Have you ever had a dream, an ambition or desire that you’ve wanted to fulfill for as long as you can remember? I did. My dream was to swim with sea lions and today, I can now write about how that dream came to be true. I’ve recently taken a trip out to the Abrolhos Islands on a liveaboard and had the incredible opportunity to play, snorkel and dive with the Continue reading

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Being able to swim with sea lions and capture this moment on film is the most amazing feeling in the world. I’ve never been more excited to share this feeling with everyone and prove that when you chase your dreams, they’ll chase you back and blow bubbles in your face.

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