Rottnest Island – land of the rats… or so William De Vlamingh thought when he first arrived many centuries ago. More commonly or famously known for the quokkas which are adorable little creatures and one of the predominant reasons along with its’ pristine waters and marine life that the island was very high on my list of Continue reading



Western Australia: known for its’ vast expanse of the outback and bounded by the Indian Ocean beguiled my curiosity as soon as I flew over the coasts of Geraldton for the first time 4 years ago. While I dub myself as an Ocean dweller, exploring the land above allows me to reconnect with the planet. Sometimes being Continue reading


DSCN0221Having spent most of my time as a scuba diver, freediving eluded my curiosity for some time. It was not until I was introduced to it in greater depth and completed a freedive course that I fully grasped the connotation of the word FREE; Independent of heavy gear, unrestrained to all thinking and the freedom to delve into your own subconscious. Meditation in its’ Continue reading


DCIM101GOPROGOPR1662.JPGI have been aching to get back to my keyboard for a while now. I’d like to say that I have been on a bit of a digital break but that wouldn’t be accurate. I knew writing was something I had always wanted to do and Oceanslug did become my platform however the longer I shelved my posts, the more challenging it would become to start again. Without getting into too much detail Continue reading


IMG_45641Have you ever been to such a place that completely alters your perception of life in the best way possible? Cambodia, to say the least, captured a very big part of me from the beginning of my trip. I’ll be honest I had second thoughts about coming here. The gigantic gap between rural communities and their absolute unbiased and friendly, natural attitude very quickly changed my mind and Continue reading


Hello 2017! With heaps going on, I can’t even begin to think of where to start about what has been happening. However  – here I am, back to where I had my first ever experience underwater that has led me to the beginning of my diving career. When I first started diving I opted a new identity:

Continue reading


IMG_6181Moving from Melbourne to Geraldton only a few months ago was a new and challenging experience for me. Arriving from the big city where I spent the past half year was a massive change. Geraldton is a very small town around 400 clicks north of Perth and most people have probably never even heard of it. Geraldton is peaceful, scarily quiet at times, tidy in a straightforward way and beautifully directly on the Continue reading


IMG_6000Reading more and more about shark attacks that have recently been transpiring and having worked in a small town where they are very particular about seeing sharks, I have decided to read up a little bit more about shark shields and why I have come to believe they are not such a bad idea. Shark shields are a simple technology that uses electrical wave forms to repel sharks. Before moving to Geraldton, I haven’t heard of shark shields because I had no reason to fear sharks Continue reading